Monday, April 27, 2015

Left Handed Apple Watch

Apple Watch on my right arm
My good friend Randy Cook was checking out my watch today and asked how left handed people use it.  I told him there was a setting to make it work on the right wrist.  He said too bad you can't move the crown.  For fun I just tried out the setting and was surprised to find there is also a setting to choose which side of the watch you want the crown on.

Apple Watch on my left arm with crown swapped
I immediately moved it back to my left arm and found I like it a lot better.  In fact one of the problems I had with the crown is it was difficult to rotate using my index finger.  It was also always against my wrist.  With the crown on the left side I can use my thumb and it's a lot easier (maybe I'm all thumbs?).

Using my the crown with my thumb!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

First Day With An Apple Watch

Yesterday was my first whole day wearing an Apple Watch.  Besides being a gadget freak and a mobile developer, my main interest in getting an Apple Watch was to replace my current workout watch.  I haven't worn a watch for a number of years except when I'm out running or riding.


Toma and me above the altar
Workout Results
The first thing I did with the watch was take it up on a trail run to see how much I like it to track workouts.  I can't tell you how many times I've been running or biking and I get a text message or phone call and I can't tell who it is because my phone is tucked away. With the Apple Watch that won't be a problem and I can tell you it wasn't a problem on my first workout.  I could easily see who was texting me and respond or ignore until later.

Toma (my black lab) and I went trail running up to the Altar.  The watch notified me at each mile with a pleasant pop/click noise that seemed like it was mechanical because it vibrated slightly at the same time.  The display seemed a bit dim at times in the sun (with my sunglasses on especially).  I'll have to see how that plays out in different conditions.  It did rain a little on my run too and I was wishing for some kind of protection on the watch.  Someone should produce a rubber sleeve (something like what the Go Pro cameras use) to make the watch more weather resistant while working out.  I have no idea how weather resistant it is but there are slots on the side where it has a speaker and mic.

Apple Pay

To use Apple Pay on the watch you have to set it up even if you already have it set up on your phone. None of the cards will transfer to your watch, you have to re-add them.  I'm guessing it's because Apple never actually sends the card information anywhere and it is only store on your phone.

Unlike the iPhone, you have to activate Apple Pay on your watch.  I'm guessing that is to conserve power but you simply double click the side button and then hold it up to the NFC payment device.  No finger print needed with the Apple Watch.  I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not.  It's nice because it's faster than the iPhone but seems less secure.  You do have to unlock the watch any time it is take off your wrist so someone can't just take your watch and start paying with it.  Still, a fingerprint is more secure than a 4 digit code.

Stand Up!

While writing this post my watch notified me that I've been sitting too long.  I sort of like that.  I'm an engineer and sometimes I sit for hours working on a problem and sort of forget that my body needs to get up and move around a little.  This is probably old news for people that have used fit bits or other types of activity monitors, but for me it's a pleasant addition.


Here is a comparison with picture between my 48mm Apple Watch and previous watches I've had.

Fossil Watch
Polar F11

Garmin 310XT

Garmin 610
Keep in mind, some of these watches (like the Garmin 310XT and Garmin 610) have a GPS built in so they don't need a phone to determine how far you've gone.  At the same time, all of the watches (except the Fossil which was the last real watch I ever wore) require an external heart rate chest strap to keep track of your workout. The Apple watch doesn't require that but if you really want one, you can pair it with a third party bluetooth strap. As you can see, the Apple Watch is a lot smaller and is also a lot lighter.

Update- I forgot I actually had an Earlier Garmin that was smashed on a bike ride.  Let's hope this doesn't happen with my Apple Watch!


This is the first Apple product I have purchased since I can remember where I really don't know how to use it out of the box.  You think I'm alone on this?  Why would Apple feel the need to include instructional videos in the Apple Watch App.  I have watched every one of these videos, not because I sequentially went through them trying to learn all I could about the watch, but because I could not figure out how to do things I had read that the watch could do.  I have also consulted the iMore website more times than I care to admit to figure things out.

A lot of it has to do with the crown.  The crown is a cool thing and very useful, but also confusing and not very intuitive.  It may be because I'm not a watch person but I think it has more to do with the fact that the watch has a touch interface and I just expect it to be able to do everything (which it can't).

It may be that this interface is so different from what I have grown used to that it's more of a learned experience and with time it will get better and better.  I haven't found anything I don't like about the experience, but it's taking longer to pick up than other products.


The one unknown is the battery life.  It's 6:30pm on a Sunday and I just took that screen shot.  Seems impressive since I've had it on all day but that was not the case yesterday.  When I went on my workout and it was tracking my heart rate and location (via my phone) it was at 53% after the run and my day was just getting started.  By 5:30pm it was down to 29% and I was worried because I knew I'd be away for the remainder of the night.  I threw it on the charger while I showered and by the time I left it was up above 60%.  I didn't have any problems but I wonder if there is always going to be a re-charge period while I shower after workouts.  BTW, my phone didn't need a charge and one would think it did the heavy lifting on the workout, but it didn't ever have to display anything.


I've only had it for two days but so far I like it.  I haven't really integrated any third party apps yet and that could expand what it's able to do quite a bit.  I'll have to see how it does in the coming work week.

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