Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hawaii Five-0-mercial

I was watching the new Hawaii Five-0 show tonight and realized how commercialized TV has become. Like in most shows there is a major sponsor, in this case it's Chevrolet. They tell you that when the show begins, ends, and on every commercial break. Every car used in the show (practically) is a Chevrolet. I've seen it in most shows so this was not surprising. What really got me was when Microsoft had one of their new Windows 7 phone ads on a commercial break. The show resumed and the detectives are in some museum of modern art. One of the detectives makes a statement about some art and the other detective doesn't believe him. He says "Bing it and you'll see". Uh... what? The detective then pulls out her brand new Windows 7 phone. She is holding it at the same angle and flashes the exact same screen that was just shown on the commercial. She then switches to some other app (I guess you can't do it all on that main screen after all) and searches using Microsoft's Bing. She of course finds the information flawlessly and immediately at the top of the search list and is amazed the other investigator was right. Basically they extended the Microsoft commercial for an extra 45 seconds into the show because there is no way any normal human would ever use the term "Bing it".

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