Thursday, April 09, 2009

Todo icon in an iPhone TV Commercial

Last night I was watching "Lost" and there were several iPhone commercials on. I always pause the Tivo to see if by some off chance any Appigo apps are in the commercial or at least on the iPhone. They only ran the "Office" commercial but I noticed a lot of the icons were the same icons used in the Apple Store promotions where Appigo's icons are used.

Todo in iPhone TV Commercial
Todo in iPhone TV commercial

I went out to their website and watched the other new commercials and found that the "Student" commerial has Todo's icon in it! Below is the shot of the icons that flip around. Todo was probably chosen because it looks good with that group of icons.

Todo in iPhone TV Commercial Ending


CM said...

Isn't that todo icons googles todo web app? Similar to their calendar one, gmail, etc?

Calvin Gaisford said...

Google used to have an icon very similar to the Todo icon except the check was a bit more rounded. It looks like they've changed it now to be a green check mark.

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