Thursday, January 08, 2009

Appigo at Macworld 2009

AccuFuel in the Apple Booth

At Macworld this year, Apple had a very large wall in their booth with a number of applications from the App Store. If you look right above the head of the guy in the photo above, you'll see the AccuFuel icon. Boyd and I were quite surprised to see AccuFuel featured on their huge iPhone display.

The Appigo Booth

We had a small booth that was in a fairly good spot in the North Hall of the Moscone Center. It was interesting that as the days went on, we got more and more traffic at our booth. There were a lot of people bringing their friends back to our booth to check out our software. Thanks to everyone that stopped by.

Appigo software on display

In our booth we had a table with four iPod touches running all of our software. The iPod touches were secured in PED3 stands. We had a lot of other exhibitors come by and ask what the stands were that we were using. We also had a lot of other iPod stand makers come by to see what we were using. Funny, we just saw the stands on the web and thought they would work well for the display (which they have). They certainly made displaying the our software easier.

We also handed out stickers of the icons used for Todo, Notebook, and AccuFuel.

With all of this marketing and promotional work, Boyd and I are learning lessons all the time. It turns out 40,000 stickers was way too many.

Appigo Stickers

We'll be giving out these stickers for years to come. I guess the app icons aren't going to change any time soon!

Overall Macworld 2009 has been positive for Appigo. It was a lot of work to prepare and have a booth at the show but it's been great to meet everyone and see how excited and passionate they are about our software!


mike said...

Thanks Appigo for using our stands, we are glad they brought attention to you and us.

m said...


Look at that nice booth!

Congrats folks!


jimmac said...

Good luck with your endeavors guys!

Thomas said...

You need to make ToDo geo-tag enabled. That way tasks could pop up based on your location to a stored contact. Such as, Home Depot, task is get garden hose. associate those to together and set a distance mark for prompts, like 1/2 mile. If your within a 1/2 mile of a home depot it will prompt you to do this.

You might even be able to sell this to retailers as a market tool under a differant name as a free app for location based advertisements. ie, while in Home depot based on geo-tagging you get a prompt this week Mulch on sale for $3.50 a bag, see garden center.

I think it is a good idea, do you think it has legs?

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