Sunday, March 23, 2008

Community Rocks

Boyd and I were so focused on our Brainshare presentation we went off the grid for a day and ignored everything... that was a mistake! On Thursday Guillaume Beland posted his first GNOME Do plugin which happend to be for Tasque.

Had I paid attention to the community on Thursday I would have seen this and shown it as part of our demo on Friday. The plugin is awesome and if you can't tell, I love GNOME Do. Now it's even better!

Potato heads at Brainshare


Sandy said...

That looks pretty sweet.

Jose said...

Ola estas mesmo gordo, espero que ainda fales Portugues , sou o Ze da familia Pereira de Espinho.

Se queres drop in an email no meu endere├žo, gostava de saber como estas e que tal vai a vida.

kmf said...

I love Tasque .... I have an iPhone ... I would love Tasque to support Toodledo :(

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