Sunday, March 23, 2008

Community Rocks

Boyd and I were so focused on our Brainshare presentation we went off the grid for a day and ignored everything... that was a mistake! On Thursday Guillaume Beland posted his first GNOME Do plugin which happend to be for Tasque.

Had I paid attention to the community on Thursday I would have seen this and shown it as part of our demo on Friday. The plugin is awesome and if you can't tell, I love GNOME Do. Now it's even better!

Potato heads at Brainshare

Friday, March 21, 2008

Tasque at Brainshare '08

In the Friday keynote of Novell's Brainshare this year they did a highlight on some of the Hackweek v2 projects. Zonker recently joined Novell and did a great job introducing all of the projects. Boyd and I did a demo of Tasque and a bit more.

As we were practicing for our demo on Wednesday, Boyd and I thought it would be sweet to integrate Tasque with Giver so we could drag tasks to people in Giver to share them. The Brainshare staff wanted our presentation before we had written a line of this code so we added Giver integration to the presentation thinking it would be easier to pull it out if we couldn't get it working in time.

In the dry run, Boyd and I decided to pretend as if we had Giver running with Tasque integration so we could get our timing right. The machine I was pretending to do things on was a vanilla openSUSE 10.3 desktop with no Tasque, no updated Tomboy, and no Giver. Nothing was happening on the machine (I wasn't even touching it) as we explained this great integration between Tasque and Giver. We got through the "fake" part of the demo and several people watching in the audience started to clap and cheer. Troy Mooney (from Novell's Marketing... he's over the keynote) ran up right after looking very confused and saying that he could sort of get what we were saying but didn't see anything happening on the machines. We laughed and assured him we'd have it all up and going by Friday.

Thursday between stage rehearsals, Boyd and I hacked all day back stage. By the 5:00pm rehearsal on Thursday, we had everything working and Troy was happy to see things happening on the screen that matched what we were saying.

The demo introduced Tasque and showed how it works online against Remember The Milk. We then showed how you can highlight text in Tomboy and enable a button to create a task in Tasque. Finally we showed our Thursday afternoon hack and dragged a task to a target in Giver and sent the task over to another machine on the network.

On my way out Friday morning I grabbed a couple of Razors so Boyd and I could ride them across the stage to where we had our machines (the stage was HUGE!). It was very fun and perhaps the best Brainshare I've ever participated in. Everyone that was part of the keynote hung around and cheered backstage as each team came off the stage. A lot of these people are from teams that don't necessarily work together and it was cool to see them all united cheering each other on. Roger Levy hung around backstage to chat with everyone and congratulate them as they finished. I asked him if he was going out on stage and he said no. He said he was here to be a part of what was going on. Very cool!

The photos are all of Friday's keynote and were taken by Eric Ward.

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