Friday, February 29, 2008

Naming Tasky

Boyd and I created Tasky for Novell's Hackweek v2 and hacked as fast and furious as we could to get it running during the week. We didn't think much about the name and as it turns out, there are already a couple of projects named Tasky out there.

We're looking for a new name and hope you can help. Feel free to contact either of us directly or post your suggestions to the Tasky google group. There is a $100 reward for the winning name (compliments of Novell).


AdamW said...

Don't see any screenshots so I can't really tell, but - how is this different from Tasks? Why do we need another simple task management app for GNOME?

Calvin Gaisford said...

There is a link to the screenshots on the main page but in case you missed that it's here

AdamW said...

Ah, I'm blind. :) Thanks!

GnuKemist said...

1. TaskMate
2. TaskBuddy

marnanel said...

I asked my partner in IM and zie said:

TaskMaster, and the logo could be a bullwhip

in the shape of a checkmark

tagline could be "submit to the to do list!" or something.

[gets all bdsm-y on the geeks]

Sandy said...

@marnanel: awesome, I love the logo idea!

Scott said...

If it's not too tongue-in-cheek, "Monotony"

rdp said...

i would like to suggest name

defer said...

1) tickylists
2) tickme

patrys said...

Simple, call it "Done" ;)

Klausj├╝rgen said...

btw: are you still working on Giver? I think it is a very promising app and I'd be happy to see some further development there.

knocte said...

Did you finally select a name?

I liked a suggestion that someone made: Memento.

And my suggestions where:

- Taskey
- Tasker
- TaskManager (Microsoft way xD)
- Taskeeper
- TaskThrower

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