Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Playing in the mud

The moment before Eric got dirty

A couple of weeks ago the desktop team at Novell had some managers visiting from out of the country. We decided to take them up the hill and show them the true meaning of playing in the mud. The excellent photo above was taken by Eric Ward who shortly after this moment was covered by muddy water . Here is Eric's flickr collection of the activity.

Calvin and Jared playing

Here is another set of photos from the event from Boyd Timothy. I alway underestimate how much time is required to clean up a vehicle after doing this. I wonder how much time Eric spent cleaning up his camera.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Accessibility work at Novell

Michael Meeks posted a couple of weeks back about some new work Novell is doing in the area of accessibility. Things have progressed to the point we need some talented GNOME and Mono hackers, i.e., we have some job openings.

Part of the team will be focused on implementing the UI Automation spec for the Mono WinForms and Moonlight projects which will include building interfaces for both the client and provider sides of the spec. The other part will be focused on helping the current efforts going on in the ATK/AT-SPI worlds. There is already some great work going on there and we want to dedicate some resources to help out (like DBUS AT-SPI!). See Michael's blog for a diagram of what this might look like when we're well into it.

Contact me if you are interested or know anyone that is or should be interested. I'm throwing together some wiki pages to outline the effort if you would like to take a look (subject to being relocated to a better location). We have brand new work that needs to be done, and we have work that needs to be done on existing projects so depending on the type of work you like to do, we've got it!

The best part is you'll continue to be involved in the GNOME community and get paid for doing it!

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