Saturday, August 18, 2007

Gnome logout

Gnome Session Dialog
Opensuse 10.3 logout

I just finished updating the gnome logout UI for Opensuse 10.3. The new dialog comes from some usability research that was done at Novell for the SLED 10 SP1 update.


Anonymous said...

Will this be in 2.20? Will that replace the default layout like Ubuntu has?

tm said...

Looks really great!

Just wondering - is there any particular reason why not use simply "Turn Off" instead of the "Shutdown"?

Anonymous said...

Excellent! I'm glad you have a restart button in there. As a less than happy SLES 10SP1 user it is a pain the restart button isn't in the shutdown dialog.

Vincent Untz said...

Any reason this was not done/proposed upstream first?

Pavel said...

at least Jimmac had something similar a while ago:

Wouter Bolsterlee said...

Looks ok, but where is the timeout to automatically logout after a while? This is an essential feature in many environments.

Calvin Gaisford said...

This will not be in 2.20, I'm going to work with the upstream folks to possibly shoot for the next release.

"Turn Off" I think would suggest that it's going to simply turn off the machine. There is some work that needs to be done first (shutting down linux) and then turning off the machine (as described in the text). I think "Shutdown" better conveys what is going to happen.

This was not originally proposed upstream because it was done in SLED which has an older version of Gnome. I'll get on the upstream work!

I believe jimmac's mockup was the basis for the original usability work. Thanks for the link!

There is no timeout. Maybe that is something that can be added when I suggest this upstream? We'll see what the reaction is.

Darragh said...

Fantastic. I'm glad to see you have fixed this for SuSE 10.3.

Perhaps you could do us a small favour? The custom applications menu in Gnome for SuSE is very different to the default menu.

For someone who depends on the accessibility that Gnome offers, this custom menu does not seem to follow standard keyboard usability conventions. Could you possible work on this at some stage.

Sorry if that's not your area but you seem to be the most active person in gnome development in SuSE.


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