Friday, August 10, 2007

Banter 0.1.10 Released

Banter 0.1.10 Group Window
Banter Group Window

Banter is now approaching our first stable release. We've removed some functionality for this first release that was causing some stability problems (evolution integration and gecko based widgets). The notification badges now work (although they need a little more love) so when someone tries to chat with you and you are away, you'll know. If you click on the badge, it will open a chat window and show you what you missed.

Text,audio, and video chats are still in and much more stable. The audio works to chat with devices like the Nokia n800 and also with the Google Chat client on Windows.

Banter 0.1.10 Chat Window
Banter Chat Window

1 comment:

Richard Beyer said...

Hi Calvin,
I like your Banther-Program very much and hope you continue the good work.
Have you heard about
"Tapioca" and "Landell" ?

It goes in the same direction. What do you think about a merge?!

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