Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hackweek Day One

It's hackweek at Novell. The entire OPS (Open Platform Services) division at Novell is hacking on whatever they want to this week. I'm hacking Giver. It's something I've wanted to build for a long time but now it's going to get done.

Yesterday I got it running to the point where you can discover other machines and send the basic information about the file or files you want to "give" to the other machine. Today I'll wrap up the basic file send and from then on it's all about adding bling.


Aquarius said...

Deeply, deeply cool.

Does it fetch my photo from the Gnome About Me window, or does it have to pick it up from a buddy list or gravatars or something?

Calvin Gaisford said...

It doesn't fetch from gnome, but that would be an excellent hack!

NiuTech said...

It's awesome! Please add Giver for Windows!

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