Friday, June 29, 2007

Apple iPhone

Calvin and Brady in line for the iPhone

Brady Anderson and I went up and waiting in line all day to purchase the new Apple iPhone that came out today. The line was crazy long and we waited for hours. I never would have thought we’d get one except the Apple employees kept coming out and assuring us there are plenty of phones and everyone is going to get one. Sure enough, after hours of waiting in line we got in and bought our iPhones. I don’t think I’ve stood in line for anything that long. We were in such a rush to get in line we forgot where we parked and had to spend an hour wondering around the parking garage looking for Brady’s car.

It was also Hackweek at Novell (the first one we had). That morning I was working on an idea I had called “Giver”. I recruited Scott Reves (in the photo) to help out. Giver was basically a way to share files between computers that would auto-discover the other computers and let you drag and drop files to them. The other computer would notify the user that person X wanted to send them files. If they accepted the files were transferred directly from computer to computer.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hackweek Day One

It's hackweek at Novell. The entire OPS (Open Platform Services) division at Novell is hacking on whatever they want to this week. I'm hacking Giver. It's something I've wanted to build for a long time but now it's going to get done.

Yesterday I got it running to the point where you can discover other machines and send the basic information about the file or files you want to "give" to the other machine. Today I'll wrap up the basic file send and from then on it's all about adding bling.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Video Chat on Linux

Banter Video Chat
Banter Video Chat

Brady and I stayed up until 2:00am last night hacking Banter. Our main goal was to get video and audio chats working but we also managed to clean up the chat window and integrate all three types of chat (text/audio/video) into the main chat window. After we got it working we just kept going making things run smoother as the night went on. Finally around 2:00am we decided we better get some sleep so we released Banter 0.1.6. I of course had the time of my system messed up due to a temporary boot into Ubuntu (thanks by the way) so I had to turn around and release an updated 0.1.7 without the time skew.

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