Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Banter Contact Resizing

Banter Small Group Window Banter Medium Group Window Banter Large Group Window

I hacked on the banter contact resizing yesterday and got the first iteration with resizing done. It's a little rough but you get the basic idea. We're having some problems using the gtkmozembed widget with resizing and general use. Our contact widgets and chat windows are all HTML/CSS/Javascript based to support themes. Hopefully we can either hack gtkmozembed to get it working or switch over to Apple's WebKit.

If any HTML/CSS/Javascript experts are reading this, the banter project could use some help working out our ContactStyles (themes) and building several of them.


Jared said...

Just took a look at the Banter project page. The description sounds quite promising. I read that you are looking at desktop and application integration. (This has probably crossed your mind) Any chance of using Banter as a P2P component of iFolder?!? Sounds pretty interesting to me! Could really expand the use of iFolder and get the iFolder out into public use. I get exited just thinking about the possibilities.

Calvin Gaisford said...

That doesn't really fit the scope of Banter, but stay tuned for "giver". I'll be hacking some other stuff here soon that may do what you are looking for!

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