Saturday, April 28, 2007

West Mountain Digging

This first video shows the importance of lockers. The climb was so easy we really didn't need them but without them a couple of parts were tricky.

Nothing looks difficult from a distance. This video shows the same hill being climbed; first of me in my Rubicon from a distance, then inside Brady's FJ. The climbs always look different from inside!

I had to cut out a lot of video to come up with these five, even then there was this 8 minute section that isn't as fun as the others. If you like The Who, the audio is "Don't Get Fooled Again"... the whole thing! Brady kicks his FJ and heads down the mountain... not because he can't keep up, he had to go get more Fuel and wasn't happy about it.

This was the funnest part of the day. This little hill wasn't difficult, but it was steep and seriously felt like a roller coaster.

We went back to the mountain taking a different road and it had a lot of loose rock. I went up to investigate why the road didn't make it to the summit... I found out! It's hard to see from a distance but my tires kept digging down and I just couldn't go any further no matter what I tried. The last attempt I actually smelled the rubber on my tires burning as I spun out on the rocks.

Boyd also has some great pictures from this and other digging adventures we have done here.

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