Friday, February 09, 2007

My favorite cartoon

The other night when searching for music for my son I came across some videos on YouTube that I had forgotten about. I love this Tom and Jerry cartoon for two reasons.

1. If I were to sit my two boys down and tell them I wanted them to listen to Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2. by Franz Liszt they would probably really listen for about 15 seconds and then lose interest. They can't get enough of this cartoon and run around the house humming the entire thing now. The same thing happened to me as a kid.

2. It's hilarious!

Tom and Jerry - The Cat Concerto (1946)

This doesn't have anything to do with cartoons but since we were searching for music, I also found a bunch of Heifetz videos. My father is a violinist and was always very fond of Heifetz (he still is). I was surprised to find such great videos of him playing.

Rondo by Mozart

Paganini Caprice No. 24

Hora Staccato

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