Monday, December 04, 2006

Back at Novell

 Rob and Calvin on Calvin's last day

Last Friday was my last day working for the FCH (Family and Church History) department of The LDS Church. Back in June, I was contacted by the FCH department wondering if I was interested in starting an open source successor for PAF. It was an amazing opportunity and an exciting open source project to be working on. My current position at Novell was being done away with so I left what had been a great experience at Novell to start this new project.

I worked my tail off getting the data and information needed to start the successor to PAF. Rob Lyon joined me and we built up story boards of what this new project would look like. After a month and a half of work we presented it and it was received very well. We were both very excited although there was a strange and unexpected comment at the end of our presentation. One of the product managers made the comment: "I know what you guys are capable of building and after seeing this, I'm worried that it's going to hurt our partners to put this out for free as an open source project". Afterwards, Rob and I talked about how strange that comment was and how of all the responses we could think of, that was not one of them.

Two weeks later the development manager of our team announced to us that product management had told him to halt all development on the client. "We are not going to produce a client" were the words he said they used. I was a little more than stunned. Leaving Novell was not an easy decision and now the only reason I had left was being cancelled? Even worse than that, for the next two months, there was nothing for me to do. I would meet with my development manager and when he would ask how things are going I would tell him I had nothing to do, that I came in to work every day and had no clue was I was supposed to be doing. He told me he knew and that he was working on it. I eventually wrote some client code to help flush out some web services that were being developed.

Calvin in his office at Novell

Several weeks after I left Novell I learned that most of my old team was transitioned to work on SLED. I contacted Jared Allen and he said he had an opening on the the SLED team. I interviewed and was a fit for the job. I'm thrilled to be back at Novell and a part of this team. I enjoy working on gui applications and there are opportunities for that kind of work all over the desktop.

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