Saturday, October 14, 2006

Winterizing the Jeep

About this time of year it gets cold enough that having a soft top on a Jeep is of no advantage. This morning I removed the soft top and replaced it with the hard top. It's not a trivial process so I took pictures...

Jeep with the soft top on

Windows are removed

Top is folded down

The soft top and door frames removed

Hard Top stored in the garage

Jeep under the hard top

Hard Top lowered on to the Jeep

Winterized Jeep with Hard Top

The Jeep actually looks smaller in person with the hard top on probably because it's a little shorter. The bars have to stick up a little on the soft top to tighten the material. The process took about 45 minutes from start to end. Luckily I only do this twice a year!


Anonymous said...

no, luckily you have a hoist to store and lower the hard top! That thing is a beast to lift.

supermaine said...

The Jeep can really handle various weather and terrain. If you have a good jeeplift kit , you won't have any worry that you'll gather some ice under your vehicle

palaboy™ said...

i love jeeps... whether the jeep top is equipped or not... what's the color of your jeep by the way?

Charity said...

Winterizing the Jeep is a cool Idea. I think when I buy my Jeep am going to follow this rule. I also learned that Winter tires have treads which are designed with a softer compound that is only good for colder temperatures. Winter tires are built to handle temperatures of about 38 degrees F and below. Nice blog.

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