Friday, April 28, 2006

Accidents will happen

I can't believe they cut my jersey

On Wednesday April 26th, the iFolder bike team went out for our normal lunchtime training ride. It just happened to be the first day I had my Garmin Forerunner so I have all of the details of the ride. After 17.9 miles we were on our way back and Brady had just pulled off to the back of the pace line (I was in front of him). We came to some railroad tracks and I crossed them faster than normal and heard a hard smash and thought "Wow, Brady went over that track harder than I have ever heard". I then heard Brady yell so I looked back and only saw his wheels. I stopped and ran back and Brady was not getting up.

I'll spare you the details of everything after that, but as you can see, Brady was taken to the hospital and it turns out he broke his collar bone. I was paniced I had done something to cause his fall (being the new rider) but he assures me he was about ten feet off my wheel when it happened.

If you click on the map of the ride, you can import the ride data into Google Earth and see right where the tracks are and the abrupt end to our lunch training ride. Brady is still at home recovering and we all wish him well. I went over to his house yesterday and helped him take care of some very important business... I got him all signed up for the 2006 LOTOJA Classic! He is doing well and knowing Brady, he will be hacking and back on his bike soon.

Get well Brady, we need your hacking skills on iFolder, your legs on our rides, and we miss you here at work!

Fitness and Training

Map of my run this morning
In the past month I have drastically modified my excercise routine. I had a routine that worked very well for me and I've been able to loose 55 lbs using it. Since then, members of the iFolder team at Novell (Brady, Mike, and Russ) convinced me to go out biking with them. We're talking road biking where you ride in a pace line and draft off one another. I've been going with them for just over three weeks and of course like the sucker that I have become for physical activity, I signed up to ride the 2006 LOTOJA with them in September. For those that chose not to follow that link, LOTOJA is a 206 mile race from Logan, UT to Jackson Hole, WY and it's done in one day. We are not even going to do the relay, we are doing the full 206 miles together.

I should mention that at the same time I've started biking with them, I am also maintaining my running. Another friend of mine, Randy Cook, asked me to go and run the Ogden Half Marathon with him on May 6th. This will be the first race I have ever run in my life. To get ready for all of this activity, I do what I always do, I purchased a new gadget! I've upgraded my Polar F11 heart rate monitor to the Garmin Forerunner 305.

My new training "toy"

I've only used it three times and I like it more each time I use it. The Motion Based website has a web service to upload the data from the 305 and analyze the data. You can see the data from my run this morning by clicking on the map above.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

iFolder Server hosts multiple domains

Lion Camp at San Diego Wild Animal Park

I'm back from vacation (which was awesome) and put some serious thought into the multi-domain support with the iFolder Server. It's checked in and builds are posted (and a full three days earlier than I told Eric it would be done). Basically you can now host more than one iFolder Server (by domain name or IP address) behind a single instance of Apache. It works using Apache's Virtual Host configuration and specifies a different SimiasDataDir for each Virtual Host you configure. You'll need to get the iFolder server build 20060427 or newer.

Eric has also taken the time to write up instructions on how you can configure your own server here.

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