Sunday, March 19, 2006

Preparing for Novell BrainShare

"The Brain Drain"

Today was the first day of BrainShare 2006. I spent a good part of the day in Salt Lake City at the Salt Palace getting things set up for the show. Everything shut down at around 6:30 and they had a "party" called "The Brain Drain" or something like that. It was a typical tradeshow event but the decor was a lot like what you would expect to find in Rome (as Brady pointed out). There were also strangely dressed women walking around. Some were dressed in these white tube things that flared out at the top and bottom and had their heads covered like a sock doing some kind of very strange dances. There were also scantily dressed pirate women walking around handing out spiffs. The entertainment was pretty good, especially when they had this girl suspended by two white curtains doing all kinds of acrobatics with nothing but the curtains (see the photo). The room was very dark except for the bright lights on her and the curtains... the effect was stunning.

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