Monday, March 27, 2006

OSCON 2006 and iFolder

"Ready to present"

I just received news that the session we submitted for the OSCON 2006 was accepted! Brady and I will be heading up to Portland, Oregon to present "File Sharing and Backup using iFolder" at the O'Reilly event. By the time we present (July 24-28) the Enterprise Server will have had much attention as an open source project. It should be a fun event and a good way to get the word out about the iFolder project.

Speaking of upcoming events, I signed up to run the Ogden Half Marathon on the 6th of May. This will be the first race I have ever run outside highschool gym. I certainly don't plan on breaking any records, but I do look forward to the race. A good friend of mine Randy Cook and I are running it together. It's funny that Randy is the person I would run my first race with. Many years ago we came up with "Cook's Theorum". It states "FAT + SUGAR = TASTE". We would quote it and laugh every day as we went to our favorite fried food joint to eat lunch. That was then... the last time we went to lunch, both of us ordered the wood grilled salmon with steamed veggies.

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