Friday, March 17, 2006

iFolder Lounge

The completed iFolder Lounge

Yesterday my new phone arrived. It's a Windows Mobile based cingular phone (8125). The team was taking bets on how long I would last this time on Windows Mobile. I've been a Palm user since I purchased and started writing software for my Pilot 5000. I've tried several times to switch to a Windows CE based device and have always ended up frustrated resulting in me switching back to a Palm OS device. I called my wife and told her my new phone had arrived. She asked how long it was going to last this time. I told her the team was taking bets on how long it would last and she said she wanted in on that! We'll see. The photo above was taken on the new 8125.

I really like the device right now, but the "new gadget" phase hasn't worn off. I'll try to post more later on what I like and dislike about the device.

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