Thursday, March 30, 2006

iFolder Enterprise Server

Seven days before the date we said it would happen, packages have been posted for the open source iFolder Enterprise Server (I checked and Victor's whiteboard has "7 Days" up on it). It's not ready to roll out in production, but this new server is pretty sweet! Right now we don't have SSL enabled (any creative hack can do that to apache) but we'll be fixing that up soon. I took a little time to add some screen shots of the new Web Access Client and Administration console. And is that... calvin rubs his eyes... do I see file change history on that sharing view? You can check it out for yourself here.

Web Client iFolders view

Web Client file view

Web Client sharing view

Admin Console user view

Admin Console user details

Admin Console ifolder details

Monday, March 27, 2006

OSCON 2006 and iFolder

"Ready to present"

I just received news that the session we submitted for the OSCON 2006 was accepted! Brady and I will be heading up to Portland, Oregon to present "File Sharing and Backup using iFolder" at the O'Reilly event. By the time we present (July 24-28) the Enterprise Server will have had much attention as an open source project. It should be a fun event and a good way to get the word out about the iFolder project.

Speaking of upcoming events, I signed up to run the Ogden Half Marathon on the 6th of May. This will be the first race I have ever run outside highschool gym. I certainly don't plan on breaking any records, but I do look forward to the race. A good friend of mine Randy Cook and I are running it together. It's funny that Randy is the person I would run my first race with. Many years ago we came up with "Cook's Theorum". It states "FAT + SUGAR = TASTE". We would quote it and laugh every day as we went to our favorite fried food joint to eat lunch. That was then... the last time we went to lunch, both of us ordered the wood grilled salmon with steamed veggies.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Brainshare 2006

"Brainshare used iFolder to sync the presentations"

When I first arrived at Brainshare this year my first thought was that Novell scaled back the conference. Now that it is over, I think they actually scaled it up a little. The keynotes seemed bigger, there seemed to be more sessions, and they reported more people attending than ever. iFolder certainly had a good Brainshare. What a difference it is to have a product that is shipping. Last year there were a lot of people that were planning on looking into iFolder. This year there were even more people that had iFolder 3 rolled out in production. Novell even used iFolder (see photo above) to sync all of the presentations to the computers in the rooms. The picture shows Victor Billings standing next to the screen which shows the presentations iFolder on the desktop. If a presenter had an update to a presentation, they could just drop it in that iFolder in any presentation room and it would sync around for everyone. The Brainshare folks would take the presentations out of that iFolder and update them for people attending the conference. It was easy and nice to see iFolder used to help the conference!

"Slotcars at the Developer Den"

A lot of Brainshare attendies don't know about the Developer Den, but it's one of my favorite places at BrainShare. They show movies all day and usually have some crazy competition. This year it was slot car racing. Due to my previous posts it should be obvious why I was excited for this. I raced against Jared and Brady... they didn't stand a chance. Brady commented afterwards that it would have been pretty sad had I not been able to beat them. My boasting was not at all hindered by the fact that I also posted the fasted time on the track. Being an employee of course I can't officially win anything. The track, controllers, and cars were all ditigally controlled. My setup is all analog so I was excited to try the digital setup. In the end, I was dissapointed. It was sluggish to respond and made for an "out of control" feel to the race. That being said, it was very cool to race three cars on only two lanes. Maybe the sluggish controls were due to power issues more than the digital setup.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Preparing for Novell BrainShare

"The Brain Drain"

Today was the first day of BrainShare 2006. I spent a good part of the day in Salt Lake City at the Salt Palace getting things set up for the show. Everything shut down at around 6:30 and they had a "party" called "The Brain Drain" or something like that. It was a typical tradeshow event but the decor was a lot like what you would expect to find in Rome (as Brady pointed out). There were also strangely dressed women walking around. Some were dressed in these white tube things that flared out at the top and bottom and had their heads covered like a sock doing some kind of very strange dances. There were also scantily dressed pirate women walking around handing out spiffs. The entertainment was pretty good, especially when they had this girl suspended by two white curtains doing all kinds of acrobatics with nothing but the curtains (see the photo). The room was very dark except for the bright lights on her and the curtains... the effect was stunning.

Friday, March 17, 2006

iFolder Lounge

The completed iFolder Lounge

Yesterday my new phone arrived. It's a Windows Mobile based cingular phone (8125). The team was taking bets on how long I would last this time on Windows Mobile. I've been a Palm user since I purchased and started writing software for my Pilot 5000. I've tried several times to switch to a Windows CE based device and have always ended up frustrated resulting in me switching back to a Palm OS device. I called my wife and told her my new phone had arrived. She asked how long it was going to last this time. I told her the team was taking bets on how long it would last and she said she wanted in on that! We'll see. The photo above was taken on the new 8125.

I really like the device right now, but the "new gadget" phase hasn't worn off. I'll try to post more later on what I like and dislike about the device.

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