Thursday, February 02, 2006

iFolder team has moved... mostly.

The future iFolder Lounge Area

The iFolder team moved office locations. We are in the same building but instead of being on the third floor in H311 we are now on the seventh floor in H744. The future iFolder Lounge area above used to be a lab full of very loud machines. They are all gone now and it is nice a quiet. We are having the pillars removed and a large table added. This will become our lounge area for "hack fests", lunch, team meetings, darts, basketball, and whatever else we feel like doing in there. Those machines in the corner are the build machines but I'm reducing them down to three machines and they'll be relocated in our lab.

Calvin's new office

Brady's new office

Calvin and Brady's offices at the end of the hall

Brady and I were "assigned" offices at the end of the hall. This is actually around a corner so people walking down the normal hallway don't pass by our offices. The only people coming here are people that want to talk to us... or Jared... or are just lost. That door at the end of the hall is a storage closet where we can store more crap!

I say that the iFolder team has mostly moved because everyone has moved except Jared and our lab. Those moves will happen sometime in the next month I guess. Until then, Jared comes up from the third floor to visit the team every couple of hours.

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