Thursday, January 19, 2006

My Tweaked Slinky

Calvin's Desk Toys

I have some things I keep on my desk so when people come into my office they have something to play with when they are discussing things. It seems to relax people a little. One of these things is a metal Slinky. The Slinky sits on top of a coaster I got at BrainShare a couple of years go. I don't drink but it was used as a ticket to get into the Novell Open Source Bar. Brady and I went for fun.

The Slinky Pad

The interesting thing about the slinky on my desk is that it's tweaked. There are several coils in the middle that got damaged years ago and no longer stay together except when sitting vertically.

Tweaked Slinky Coils

Most people that come into my office pick up the slinky and play with it. Almost every engineer that comes in notices right away that the coils are tweaked and is instantly conviced that they can fix it. The worst offender is my boss Jared. I have been in 30 minute conversations with him where the entire conversation, he is bending and twisting the slinky convinced that he can make it right. It can't be done...I know from experience!

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Anonymous said...

I hat plastic slinkys!!!!!!!!!!!

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