Monday, November 28, 2005

Packages for log4net

Jared attempting to bluetooth another picture before he pukes. He was sick most of this trip.

I have posted packages for log4net. These were built on SUSE 10 but should work on other distros. I will be making changes to Simias to depend on the log4net package instead of including the pre-built assembly in our source tree. The rpm and src rpm can be download here:


Sunday, November 20, 2005

A more competitive track

November 2005, The re-designed track.

We got tired of the simple track we had designed and built so we re-designed and built this new layout. Now all four lanes have an advantage in certain spots of the track. The stretch of curves is particularly fun to race through against other cars. One car is always knocked off the track.

Holidays mean racing cars

The holidays are upon us once again and in the Gaisford household that means racing. When I was a kid, my Father purchased a Marklin Sprint race set. It was a 1/32 scale slot car set that was made in Germany by the well known model train company Marklin. Since then, Marklin has discontinued the product but I have managed to purchase enough (on eBay) to build a small track for my own family. Here are shots of recent tracks:
Dec. 2002 4 lane track

Dec. 2003 "the family" track. This is the track my Father still keeps for when the extended family gets together to race.

January 2004, a simple track my boys can race and stay on the track

March 2005, another simple track that included the small play table

November 2005, our current track. The boys prefer the simple tracks because they can race better on them. Last night my oldest boy beat me for the first time. He was quite happy as you can imagine.

These are the "old school" cars. They are all Marklin Sprint cars and have not been made for over 20 years. They are slower than the new cars but still a lot of fun to race because they have no magnets and make a lot of noise.

There are several companies that make cars today (as well as track). I prefer Ninco cars, they seem to be built the best and most of their models look good.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

New Images Location

I've moved the location where I place images to my .mac account. They should show on now.

My Boss

This is Jared my boss. He likes to take pictures of me and send them to random bluetooth devices he discovers with his Treo 650. Here you can see he is deeply engaged in a discussion.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Planet Parameters updated

In order to add a bit more color to the place, I changed the parameters of the Planet so it will pick up all blog entries, not just the entries with the keyword "iFolder" in them.

Wake Up Alarms (part 2)

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